Waitz reports the real-time "busyness" for locations around campus. We are currently installed in Geisel, Biomed, Rimac, Main Gym, and PC.
Currently, our data is only available on this website. We are working on releasing a Waitz mobile app, integrating with the UCSD app, and creating other ways to broadcast our data.
Waitz gathers our data through small hardware devices. These devices pick up smartphone signals in the area around them. We then normalize these signals to reach a "busyness" measurement.
Yes, our scans passively pick up nearby signals.
No. Waitz passively collects anonymized signal data.
No, Waitz does not track any individual's movements. Our focus is on gathering estimates on the total number of people, rather than information on an individual.
Easy! Simply keep on your bluetooth and Wi-Fi on and carry on as you normally would.
We're always interested in bringing talent on board, to learn more, email with the subject "Intern Position" and include your major, area of interest, resume, and a brief sentence of why waiting sucks (not necessary, but creativity is always appreciated.)